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Developing Communities Of Superfans™

AITV is a one-stop shop to align brand strategy, creative, and marketing distribution for your brand.



so what does AITV do?

brand strategy

Through a live-facilitated discovery workshop, we work with you to define your business goal and what your problem is getting to that goal. Using a combination of market research and creative problem solving, we develop an execution strategy to achieve that goal and create relationships between the brand and your ideal customer.

brand identity

Our discovery workshop allows us to align a clear direction for your visual identity. The result is a set of brand guidelines that acts as a resource to refer to for any brand-centric decisions.

media production

Bring your brand strategy and identity to life through our full-service production team. Whether a music video, commercial, or social clip — we produce content and copy that evokes the strongest reactions from your audience.

Scale the results of your brand strategy by showcasing your content with top influencers, digital ad campaigns, traditional advertising methods, and PR packages that resonate with your brand and direct traffic back to you. Our distribution mix accommodates budgets of all sizes to achieve the goals of the project.

marketing distribution

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